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Frequently Asked Questions

The tuition covers the programme sessions, course materials, and catering.

Once you’ve submitted your application, INSEAD will provide receipt of acknowledgement. Once an admissions decision has been made, you will be notified accordingly.

For Europe and Singapore programmes, once you are accepted, INSEAD will automatically reserve a hotel room for you at the designated official hotel for that particular programme. It would be up to you whether you would like to continue with that reservation or to cancel it and book something on your own.
For all programmes, please note that the accommodation is not included in the tuition and is to be covered by you upon checkout.

Every programme has a different mix of lecturers. Feel free to contact us and let us know which programme you are interested in, and we can share with you who’s teaching for that programme(s).

There are quite a few differences, and this programme or an executive MBA could be right for you depending on your goals. An Executive MBA is a broad-based programme, often over 18 months, covering all disciplines like finance, marketing, strategy as well as leadership. The Product Leadership Programme is 1 week long and focused on the intersection of a Master Class on Product Management with the leadership skills required to make a transition to the executive level with your organisation.
Accordingly, the cost difference is quite significant. Also, with this programme, you would be part of a cohort and alumni network, which consists of senior-level peers who are likely facing similar types of challenges.

You will receive a certificate for the Product Leadership Programme. This programme also qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

INSEAD alumni receive a 30% discount on the Product Leadership Programme tuition. Travel and accommodations would still be the responsibility of the participant.


Testimonials from our PMEP alumni

A glimpse of the transformative experiences shared by our alumni.

Everything you need to know

On this video we answer all your questions about the programme

Webinar: Rise of the Product Manager

Program Director, Professor Noah Askin talks about the rise of the product manager and the skills they will need to succeed.

PMEP Trailer

Hear past participants and the Program Director talk about what it's like to take part in the Product Management Executive Programme.

Participant Video

Participants tell us more about what it's like to take part in the Product Management Executive Programme.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Product Manager’s Reality

Every now and then, it’s interesting to ask: What does a Product Manager (PM) do? The answer of course has some take on: They juggle managing products and people. They need to have technical/processual skills as well as those lauded, but ever elusive, leadership skills.

Forging our Own Paths by Learning from Others

Throughout your lifetime and career, you have been aided by the advice of trusted others. Many know instinctively which friend, colleague, or family member to turn to for advice when applying to school, moving to a new city, seeking a new job, switching career paths, or any other major life decision.

The Three Skills Product Managers Need to Succeed

As they rise in prominence, product managers will need new skills to take their seats at the leadership table.

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