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11–15 November 2024Fontainebleau, France

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Amplify Your PM Impact

Product Management (PM) is now an executive-level function. As companies become more product-led and product-centric, Chief Product Officers and other executive product roles are appearing and rising in prominence.

At this level, strong leadership skills are critical to the success of the individual, team, and organization, and oftentimes, people don’t realize the impact their leadership style can have on themselves and others.

To begin the process of honing executive-level product management skills, Peak Product and leading executive education institution INSEAD have partnered to develop the 5-day Product Leadership Programme. It provides current and rising PM executives with the tools, knowledge, and know-how to lead effectively and to amplify their impact in the organization.

How You Benefit

Confront, acknowledge, and develop your leadership style so that you can lead yourself and your organization through growth and change​

Explore frameworks, recognise your impact on group dynamics, and design actionable plans to guide you in how to build, develop, and retain your teams

Learn executive-level topics from top product management executives who will help you apply what they’ve learned in the field to your situation

Enhance essential soft skills as you learn how to interact and negotiate with the board, investors, strategic partners and other stakeholders

Grow your network with other product executives and gain access to leading product management experts worldwide


Programs are not effective unless you have a way of tying them all together. The Product Leadership Programme has been designed for you to build upon and integrate your past experiences, your current situation and your future aspirations.

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Why Attend Product Leadership Programme?

“I felt that I was at the point that learning on the job wasn’t enough and needed to boost my learning.”

“It’s a skills and career accelerator.”

As product executives advance in their careers, the type of responsibilities they face grow. A standard PM education is insufficient at this point. With an NPS of 84.3, Product Leadership Programme is effective and will help challenge, encourage, and push you to advance to higher aims. You will become part of a community from which you will benefit for years to come.

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Program Partner

As one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society. More than 11,000 executives participate in INSEAD Executive Education programs each year.

They provide business leaders with the knowledge and awareness to operate anywhere. PMF is excited to partner with INSEAD on this program because we can now provide more formalized training and help provide PM executives a targeted well-rounded to help them maximize their impact on their organization.

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